November 25, 2020by Blair Dane0

Is travel insurance worth it? That’s the big question for any traveler considering travel insurance.

Here’s a general rule: If you’re taking a long, expensive, or ambitious trip to a far-flung destination, travel insurance could be a smart choice. While on holiday, even within the country, you can face emergencies or unexpected situations like losing your wallet, flight cancellations or loss of baggage.

If you’ve ever wondered, “Should I buy travel insurance?”, look at where you’re going, how you’re getting there, and how much you’re spending on your trip. Let’s take a closer look at who travel insurance is built for – and why it’s built the way it is.

To prevent these financial risks, you should opt for a domestic travel insurance policy.
Purchasing travel insurance is wise if you want to protect your trip against an array of unforeseen events such as personal injury or sickness abroad.

Here are 3 key reasons to buy travel insurance

  • Saves from unforeseen medical expenses
  • Travel-related emergencies
  • Luggage cover

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